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TourSGHC_Photos : original

Terminal Section (Maryland Hospital), c 1830s
The Original Building (Public Hospital), in 1801)

The original building, built in 1798 (shown at right, in 1801) was incorporated into a larger hospital building as the institution was substantially expanded through a series of additions during its first 20-years of its existance1. The fate of the building used to house Captain Yellott's Retreat is not known, but it was located on the same 3-acre parcel of land and was probably kept in use for a number of years after the "new" (circa 1798) building was constructed. Recorded histories of the hospital building's growth between 1798 and 1819 indicate that the original building became the western-most end of the West Wing as the hospital expanded towards the east. The section immediately to the east of the original building (see below), between the original building and the "Centre Building," was sometimes referred to as "the Asylum," and was used primarily for psychiatric patients. This non-original portion of the West Wing, together with the "Centre Building" and the entire East Wing, wasconstructed in stages between 1808 and 1819. The Centre Building (really, the center section of the larger structure) was also intended for the care and treatment of psychiatric patients. As noted above, it connected to the original, circa 1798, building through the "Asylum" section of the West Wing. The entire East Wing was also added between 1808 and 1819. This portion of the building, the East Wing, apparently was used initially for patients with general medical illnesses. Although work on the various additions to the original hospital was started in, or around, 1808, it would appear that the additional structures were not completed until after a major construction "push" in 1816. Construction may have been halted or slowed between 1812 and 1814, during the War of 1812. A picture from 1819 clearly indicates that the expanded hospital had been completed by that year. Note: The original building (i.e., the terminal section of the west wing) was found to have been in "ruinous" condition in 1836, and several years later, in 1840, it was demolished and rebuilt in the same location. By some accounts, all sections of the hospital were "mostly" demolished by the end of 1873, approximately two years after the property was sold by the State to Johns Hopkins. However, by one account the old Maryland Hospital building was used, at least briefly, to house the original Johns Hopkins Hospital. Maryland Hospital patients were relocated from the building to the new Spring Grove site in October 1872. This means that the hospital that eventually became known as Spring Grove Hospital Center operated in its Baltimore location, albeit under various names, for approximately 78-years, between 1794 and 1872.

1 The terminal section of the Maryland Hospital, as shown above, is actually a depiction of the end of the East Wing of the building. The end of the West Wing was the original hospital building. However, drawings from the period indicate that the East and West Wings were, essentially,mirror images.