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Maryland Hospital Property

This plat shows the location of the main building of the Maryland hospital, as well as the locations of the hospital's other buildings, at around the time that they were demolished, in 1873, to make way for the construction of the Johns Hopkins Hospital.


The drawing has been modified for the sake of illustration, but originally showed a series of proposed building lots, as well as several proposed, but nonexistent, city streets and alleys. Old records indicate that the plat was prepared as part of an effort to establish the value of the property -- either in anticipation of its sale, or for property tax purposes after its purchase by Johns Hopkins.

The State based the price the Maryland Hospital upon the projected value of the property -- were it to have been subdivided into residential building lots. (It should be noted that the property was never actually subdivided, but, instead, has remained intact as the core of the current campus of the Johns Hopkins Hospital.) Unfortunately, the buildings, other than the main hospital building, are not labeled. However, it is known that the larger of the two rectangular squares that border Monument Street at the top of the above drawing was the Superintendent's House, a structure that was built in 1847 at a cost of $10,000.

The location of the wall that surrounded the main hospital building is also shown. It should be noted that the hospital's grounds in 1871 extended well beyond the wall, and included most of the land between Monument Street to the north, Broadway to the west, Jefferson Street to the south, and Wolfe Street to the east. Although the fate of the original building occupied by the Retreat between 1794 and 1798 is not known, it is known that it was generally located at the same site -- and it is entirely possible that one of the outbuildings represented on the above drawing may have been that building.

The words at the top of the picture read: "Map of the property sold by the MdHospital to the Johns Hopkins Hospital." The lettering immediately under the words "Hospital Property" reads: "Line of the old Joppa Road -- Leading from Philad[elphi]a, Joppa, to Annapolis." The (old) Joppa Road had previously been known as "Old Road to Philadelphia" and the Hospital's original "address" had been on this road (seeMap of 1801). After the Old Joppa Road was abandoned, its roadbed, which was situated immediately to the north of the wall the surrounded the hospital, was purchased by the Hospital, probably sometime in the 1820s.