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SHIP : getfitforspring

Featured Topic: Get Fit for Spring 
Woman Running in Spring
With the New Year comes time with family, reflections, and New Year Resolutions. While positive changes in behaviors and lifestyles are great, learning how to make thoughtful and realistic changes will set you on a sustainable path to health.
Please offer your opinions, questions, ideas, and tools or resources about making healthy changes for the State of Maryland by clicking HERE.
Assess your current health status
Understanding your current health is critical to ensuring good health in the future. Read more about the importance of physician and dental visits and accessing health care HERE.
Be SMART About Setting your Health Goals
If you tend to make and break your health goals, improving your goal setting techniques may be the key to achieving your goals this year.
Read more about SMART goals HERE.
Understand what shapes your diet and activity levels
Americans’ number one New Year’s goal is weight loss. For many, even a small amount of weight loss will improve health.
Read more about understanding and choosing healthy diets and exercise habits HERE.
Getting enough sleep
While every person’s sleeping needs are slightly different, we all generally need between 7.5 and 8.5 hours of quality sleep each night to function at our best. Read more about improving your sleep habits HERE.
Maintaining healthy habits
It is important to maintain new habits to fully reap the health benefits. One way to make your new habits a part of your permanent lifestyle is to make buddies who share your goals and who will help you be accountable for those goals. Learn more about making health buddies HERE.