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C.A.P.S 1-10-06.pdf

C.A.P.S 11-15-05.pdf

C.A.P.S 1-30-06.pdf

Cailler, D. 7-14-94.pdf

Cailler, D. 8-19-96.pdf

Calon, M. 6-30-05.pdf

Calon, M. 6-7-05.pdf

Calvert, K. 3-19-09.pdf

Calvert, K. 5-11-10.pdf

Calvert, K. 7-8-09.pdf

Calvert, K. 3-21-11.pdf

Calvert, K. 4-18-13.PDF

Calvin Scott + Company 5-15-13.PDF

Cameron, D. 3-3-15.PDF

Cappelli, S. 02-19-14.PDF

Cappelli, S. 9-20-13.PDF

Cappelli, S. 3-8-13.PDF

Cardinal Health 1-11-05.pdf

Cardinal Health 12-8-09.pdf

Cardinal Health 4-18-06.pdf

Care One Pharmacy 1-13-11.pdf

Care One Pharmacy 1-13-11 (2).pdf

Care One Pharmacy 4-4-12.pdf

Care One Pharmacy 4-4-12 (2).pdf

Carson, M. 4-17-85.pdf

Carter, B. 12-15-82.pdf

Carter, B. 6-11-86.pdf

Cavacos, T. 7-21-93.pdf

Celgene Corporation 5-30-14.pdf

Chaiet, M. 4-18-01.pdf

Cheung, D. 12-3-07.pdf

Cheung, D. 2-13-09.pdf

Chin, Z. 1-26-11.pdf

Cianos, J. 10-28-94.pdf

Cianos, J. 12-10-07.pdf

Cianos, J. 2-3-09.pdf

Cianos, J. 6-25-09.pdf

Cianos, J. 7-18-01.pdf

Cianos, J. 12-8-10.PDF

Ciaravella, K. 12-12-12.PDF

Ciaravella, K. 06-18-14.pdf

Clinkscale, H. 9-25-96.pdf

Closson, T. 8-18-11.pdf

Closson, T. 11-15-11.pdf

Closson, T. 4-16-12.pdf

Closson, T. 6-25-13.PDF

Closson, T. 6-11-14.pdf

CO Truxon, Inc. 5-21-12.pdf

Coleman, A. 02-19-14.PDF

Coleman, A. 12-5-11.pdf

College Pharmacy 1-2-07.PDF

Collins, S., 2-18-15.PDF

Community Care Pharmacy 10-19-06.pdf

Conyers, C. III 6-23-14.PDF

Conyers, C. III 7-2-14.pdf

Co Op Pharmacy 6-19-13.PDF

Cooper, S. 10-2-02.pdf

Cooper, S. 9-19-02.pdf

Cothran, D. 7-11-96.pdf

Coutros, V. 10-18-06.pdf

Courtros, V. 7-17-13.PDF

Cox, N. 8-19-15.PDF

Cross Keys Pharmacy 9-13-95.pdf

Cubist Pharmaceuticals, Inc. 4-24-14.pdf

Curry, D. 12-10-04.pdf

Curry, D. 1-9-04.pdf

Curry, D. 4-27-83.pdf

Curry, D. 4-8-87.pdf

Curry, D. 5-2-83.pdf

Curry, D. 6-13-84.pdf

Curry, D. 8-4-83.pdf

Paid fine.CVS Pharmacy 1456.Case PI-15-091.PDF

Paid fine.CVS Pharmacy 1485.Case PI-15-048.PDF

Paid fine.CVS Pharmacy 4302.Case PI-15-050.PDF

Paid fine.CVS Pharmacy 5875.Case PI-15-067.PDF

CVS Pharmacy 1451 5-12-10.pdf

CVS Pharmacy 1485 6-21-00.pdf

CVS Pharmacy 1489 10-7-09.pdf

 CVS Pharmacy 1444 3-6-13.PDF

CVS Pharmacy 2775 3-12-13.PDF

CVS Pharmacy 4418 3-7-13.PDF

CVS Corporate Office 3-26-14.PDF