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The Department of Health and Mental Hygiene

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Office of Information Technology : applications-division

DHMH Office of Information Technology

Applications Division (AD)

Phil Hemler, Director

The Applications Division provides system analysis; design and programming support for automated applications installed on the mainframe and midrange computer systems. Some 70 administrative and programmatic systems and more than 4,300 batch and on-line application computer programs covering accounting, human resources, vital records/health statistics and other health related program areas are maintained on the mainframe alone. Electronic transfer of data files to and from DHMH facilities and the Annapolis Data Center are also supported by the division through the use of the attended and unattended communication polling processes. In addition, this Division designs, develops and implements reliable and secure customized systems for the internet, intranet and client-server environments for a growing number of DHMH administrations and coordination of the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act implementation within the Department.

This project also includes the Hospital Management Information System (HMIS), which is an integrated network of ten IBM midrange systems supporting 20 State operated Inpatient Facilities. HMIS provides a centralized billing module and distributed admission/discharge/transfer (Census) module at each facility, as well as on-line, real time Pharmacy order entry/dispensing module. On a daily basis, census transactions from each facility are formatted and subsequently transmitted to the central office for processing with the statewide database used for centralized monthly billing cycles and statewide patient tracking. Strategies for development of an integrated electronic medical record are underway based upon requirements for future fee for service billing and Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act compliance.