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MD Massage : faql


Frequently Asked Questions


Q - What abbreviations should I use on business cards, letterhead?
A - Licensed massage therapists should use LMT and Registered Massage Practitioners should use RMP.

Q - I am a RMP. Why didn’t I receive a wall certificate?
A - RMPs are not bona fide health care practitioners and will not receive an 8x11 wall certificate.

Q - Can I verify a massage therapist’s license or registration status online?
A - Yes. You may verify a massage license or massage registration online at the following site: Additionally, the Board staff can verify the information on the telephone. If you need an official verification document, there is a $35.00 fee for each individual verification.

Q - After I am licensed/registered, can I solicit for business by direct mail without restrictions?
A- No, you must follow the guidelines in the Advertising Regulations (10.43.19). It is the practitioner’s responsibility to know the regulations and act accordingly.

Q - What medical code should I use for massage therapy?
A - The American Medical Association (AMA) publishes a manual with massage therapy codes. Contact ABMP, AMTA or other professional organizations to get more information.

Q - Does the Massage Therapy Regulations require LMTs and RMPs to keep records?
A - Yes. As stipulated in – Maintain legible, organized written records of treatment of any client under the care of LMT and RMP for at least 5 years after termination of treatment.

Q - What is non-therapeutic massage?
A - To practice non-therapeutic massage means to engage professionally and for compensation in massage that is not in a health care setting. Practicing in a health club, spa or in private practice would be considered a non-health setting.

Q - How can I get a copy of the Massage Regulations if I don’t have access to a computer?
A - A copy of the MD Register is in the public library. The MD Register includes all the regulations and is updated bi- weekly. Most public libraries also have computers, which the public can use to access information online. Also you may request a copy from the Board for a $25.00 fee to be mailed to you.

Q - What level of CPR should LMTs/RMPs complete to satisfy the CEU requirement?
A - The Board requires each LMT and RMP to hold a current CPR and First Aid certificate at all times. The CPR course should be a Basic Life Support course suitable for the workplace.