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  Licensing Information


General Information
Audiology License
Hearing Aid Dispensers License
Speech-Language Pathology License
Speech-Language Pathology Assistant License
Practice Requirements for Audiologists 
Practice Requirements for Speech-Language Pathologists 
Practice Requirements for Hearing Aid Dispensers 



Any individual whose license has been in a non-renewed status for less than five years may reinstate their license.  The  individual must call the Board for the proper forms and other documentation and information regarding proof of continuing education.  The reinstatement process cannot be completed on-line.



Any indivdiual whose license has been in a non-renewed status for more than five years must reapply for licensure and meet all current requirments for licensure.  The individual must submit the complete application form and all required documentation and fees.  The reapplication process cannot be completed on-line.


Reimbursement of Application and Renewal Fees

Pursuant to Education Article 6-112.1 states that "Each audiologist and speech-language pathologist who meets the requirements of subsection (b) of this section shall receive from the county board an amount equal to the initial licensing fee or renewal of license fee charged by the Board." This law requires a county public school system to reimburse initial license fees and renewal fees paid to the Board of Examiners if the audiologist or speech-language pathologist conducts third-party billing in the county public school system.

Licensees that meet the requirement of the foregoing should consult with their employer for more information on the reimbursement of application and license fees.


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